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Change of San Jose Police Department’s Policy Regarding Impounding Vehicle of Unlicensed Drivers

by California Legal Defenders on December 15th, 2010

As early as next week San Jose police department is expected to change its policy regarding 30-day impounding of vehicles, when an unlicensed driver is stopped for a minor traffic violation. Officers will instead look for alternatives to towing, such as allowing someone else to take the vehicle, when the stops don’t involve drunken driving or other dangerous driving allegations.

The new policy also gives officers the option of allowing the driver to park the vehicle and have a licensed driver pick it up for them. If the car is towed, a licensed driver can pick it up immediately by paying fees and fines rather than wait 30 days.

One of the reasons for change of the policy was complaints from immigrant advocates that “30-day vehicle holds unfairly target illegal immigrants. “

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