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Apr 30 10

Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Jose, California

by California Legal Defenders

The law office of Valencia, Ippolito and Bowman provides quality criminal defense to clients in the greater San Jose area.  Our experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system makes us one of the leading forces in criminal defense in San Jose, California.

A good criminal defense attorney should have a proven track record seeking justice for their clients, and the resources available to get that done in a professional, ethical, and timely manner.  Our San Jose criminal attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of cases of misdemeanor and felony jury trials.  We have won numerous awards, and have been named the top 2008 “Criminal Defense Firm of the Year” by San Jose Magazine.

We handle cases such as capital murder, domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI, felonies, gang-related cases, “3 strikes”, and white collar crimes that have occurred in San Jose.  We also effectively handle bookings, arraignments, and trials, and understand the California criminal justice system like no other law firm in San Jose.  Each of our attorneys brings a specialization that will help you in your defense.  Personal service, communication, and aggressive defense are demonstrated time and time again by our high number of winning cases, and by the referrals we receive from past clients.

Valencia, Ippolito and Bowman’s professional demeanor, including that of our exceptional support staff, gives us an excellent reputation among our peers in the legal community, including opposing counsel, prosecutors, and judges.  We work with a team of experts, investigators, and legal researchers to prepare, present, and win your criminal case.

When you need the help of a criminal defense law firm in San Jose, call our firm.  Our office welcomes questions regarding our practice of criminal defense cases.  We offer free consultations, payment plans, credit card payments, and evening or weekend consultations.

Please contact Valencia, Ippolito and Bowman by filling out our online contact form or call us directly at 877-7NO-JAIL.
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Apr 28 10

DUI Offender Faces Up to 55 Years for Murder Charge

by California Legal Defenders

According to a LA Times website report, 22 year old Andrew Thomas Gallo, a resident of San Gabriel was arrested and charged with murder, hit and run, driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence. He was found DWI in Orange County and it resulted in the death of three people. The persons killed in the accident were Nick Adenhart (22), Courtnet Frances Stewart (20) who was driving, and Henry Pearson (25). Adenhart was the pitcher for the Angels baseball team and Frances was a communications student with Cal State Fullerton. Henry was a law student from Manhattan Beach.

Andrew Thomas Gallo is being accused of running a red light and then colliding with the aforementioned victims. If he is convicted of all counts, he faces up to a fifty-five year prison sentence. DUI charges are serious offenses and become especially  severe if the offender has any prior convictions. The amount of murder charges associated with DUI is on the increase, as many offenders have one or more prior convictions on their record. In this case, the prosecutor could thus use the prior conviction to establish that the offender knew he was a danger before he got behind the wheel. Additionally, if an offender is being charged with the same crime they have previously been convicted of, it shows lack of remorse and calls for harsher punishment.

This is an example of why DUI charges should not be addressed lightly. Unfortunately, many individuals already have a number of DUI convictions under their belt. With each further charge, they face a harder task of avoiding stringent punishment. If you are accused of a felony dui, you need a seasoned DUI lawyer to mount an aggressive defense in your favor.

According to US laws, the accused person is considered innocent until he has been tried and found guilty of the crimes committed. Just like in the case above, if a person is facing DUI charges, even if they have a record showing prior convictions, they are still protected by the law and able to benefit from the services of a competent criminal defense attorney. Even if the case cannot be dismissed completely, it is beneficial to the offender to have proper representation because there remains a good chance of getting the least possible recursions for the accused offenses.

Apr 26 10

DUI Cases in San Jose, California; Picking the Best Law Firm to Represent You

by California Legal Defenders

It is rare to find a location in the United States that does not take DUI’s seriously, however in California there are enhanced DUI penalties. DUI is a term used to describe driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which is quite a serious crime. DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. If you have been accused of DUI or DWI you should seek legal consultation and representation immediately. Speaking to a lawyer before the police is always a good idea. DUI cases in San Jose could lead to driver’s license revocation or a prison term of up to one year. You could however face harsher consequences if you have prior convictions or if your actions have led to the loss or damage of life and property. Do not jeopardize your chances at a DUI hearing, contact and speak to a qualified DWI lawyer experienced in DUI laws, hearings and cases as they affect San Jose, California.

When looking for a DUI lawyer to represent you or a loved one, you have to carefully consider your available options. Many lawyers will be quick to accept clients but they are not all equipped to handle such case loads. It is imperative that you ask certain questions that will help you make an informed decision. Is the lawyer or law firm experienced in dealing with DUI cases? If it is a firm, does it have a department or group of lawyers dedicated mainly to DUI cases? Remember specialization leads to perfection and increased success rates.

Is the lawyer or firm fully familiar with unique California DUI laws, and experienced in handling DUI cases in the region? A positive answer will mean among other things that they will not have a problem with gaining access to technical expert witnesses, who understand police procedures and blood and breathe analysis. In addition, being experienced in representing DUI clients in the region will make it unproblematic for the lawyer to gain access to relevant, sensitive information and materials.

A credible DUI lawyer will never make unrealistic promises and will fully explain all aspects of the written lawyer client contract, fees inclusive. Do not take DUI cases as insignificant. It could lead to total or partial loss of your freedom presently or in respect to future cases. In fact, the outcome of this DUI case may very well set a precedent, and perhaps affect the outcome of all future DUI cases. Act now–protect your future.

Apr 24 10

Basic facts About DUI Charges in San Jose

by California Legal Defenders

Laws and requirements affecting DUI cases California are unique in some areas. It is important to know some basic facts about DUI in San Jose so you know the right options to take. For example, many people tend to wait until the court hearing to hire a lawyer. However, San Jose, California DUI laws state clearly that you must apply via your lawyer for a DMV hearing and a stay of your driver’s license within ten days of your arrest. If you fail to do these within ten days then you will automatically have a suspended driver’s license for the next thirty days after your arrest.

This is but one example to show the importance of contacting a lawyer experienced in DUI cases immediately if you are accused of DUI within San Jose. The right lawyer will know the correct way to begin your defense. Many people also wrongly believe that DUI cases are lost cases from the start. The DMV’s statistics for the recent year, however, show that 34% of cases involving first time offenders were won and the clients did not have to lose their licenses.

When contacted in time, DUI attorneys increase your chances of beating the charges filed against you. Remember that DUI cases are not trivial cases. They could earn you probation, a restriction or complete revocation of your driver’s license. You could also get a fine, minimum jail sentence or prolonged full jail exposure. Severe offenders could also get more time at a DUI school, an injunction that an interlock be placed on the ignition switch or could even face a state prison sentence.

In the process of determining your guilt and then delivering the appropriate sentence, a number of factors are considered. Just as you would not conduct your own surgery, you should not represent yourself in a DUI case. The right DUI defense lawyer will make all the difference. The case could be dismissed or you could get the least possible sentence. DUI lawyers could even handle the case without your appearance in court.

There are many legal issues surrounding DUI charges. Many of these may seem unclear to you. An experienced San Jose DWI lawyer or DUI lawyer will help you through the labyrinth of legal issues and most importantly offer the best legal representation to help you overcome any DUI charges.